Yoga in Plymouth with Ruth

 11.6.19 Sometimes when I trip up on the pavement I make a little running, skipping, hopping movement as if I meant to fall over my own feet!
Blunders can become opportunities to learn, but we have to be able to recognise when we've made mistakes, and that can be frustrating, humiliating and exhausting.
Take it from one who knows a lot about making mistakes, it can sometimes feel easier to stubbornly stay on the wrong track, despite knowing it's ill-conceived; I guess this is because we hope to avoid embarrassment.
Yoga encourages us to reflect on ourselves with compassion and understanding rather than judging and condemning ourselves.
Developing a regular breath centred yoga practice can help us to become more reasoned and intuitive, we may be less swayed by our unreliable emotions. Instead of falling down into our faults our flaws become footholds to uplift us.